Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

A Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a facility that is a necessary part of the sewage treatment system. It is a facility designed to treat waste from Industrial, Commercial & Domestic sources. It removes the impurities from the sewage water with the help of a combination of technologies and innovative treatment processes with a low footprint to meet the desired treated water quality without damaging the environment. Our Sewage Treatment process includes sewage treatment in Primary, Secondary or Biological and Tertiary treatment processes to improve the quality of wastewater for recycling.

DWTPL has installed more than 2000 STPs all over Maharashtra. We have plant capacity from 30 kld to 1 mld. We have received many repeat orders from our valued customers.

Applications : 

  • In a residential project, treated water used for gardening, flushing
  • Commercial
  • Hospital
  • Reuse for Agricultural purposes
  • Sludge can be used as a fuel source

A plant in which Sewage (sewage is the water released from household safer use of various process, Bathing, kitchen waste water toilet water) is treated so that the treated water can be allowed to go in to rivers & sea etc.

Sewage Waste Water Treatment Plants (STP Turnkey Projects) Service Provider Company in India

1. SMBR / MBBR Process

For Sewage Treatment, we are processing our STP based on SMBR/ MBBR (Suspended media bio reactor/ Moving bed bio reactor) based technology where high MLSS ( Mixed liquor suspended solids) is maintained in the Bio reactor despite lower footprint.

  • The system is unique combination of Aerobic treatment & bio media filtration to ensure consistent & stable performance.
  • This system is suitable for continuous as well as intermittent operation. 
  • Other advantage include lower power consumption & maintenance.
  • The outlet water complies as per MPCB Norms.
SMBR/ MBBR waste water treatments Process

2. MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor)

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) combine conventional Biological Treatment (Activated Sludge) process with membrane filtration to provide an advanced level of Organic and Suspended solids removal. This system can also provide an advanced level of nutrient removal.

  • It having high removal efficiency.
  • Treated effluents quality are better.
  • Removal of no of contaminants such as Nitrogen Phosphorus Bacteria and Suspended Solids.
STP / WTP / ETP waste water treatment

3. SRBR (Sludge Return Bio Reactor)

This process is similar to that of SMBR however in SRBR process we do not use any media.

The significance of the medias to assist growth during the treatment and also to ensure that the concentration of the required MLSS is maintained.

The suspended solids are than eliminated in to the sludge holding tank.

Features of the Sewage Treatment Plant

All the treatment steps are incorporated in underground RCC tank. (Except Filtration)

  • No Open Sludge Handling & nuisance on that account.
  • Optional Sludge Dewatering System can be Incorporated before storing the Sludge.
  • Single Panel with all switches for on-off operation at easy to access location
  • Optional Mechanical Oil Skimmer can be incorporated to ensure removal of separated oil
  • All Pumps & Blowers are provided with “standby” to ensure easy switching if required.
  • Dry run protection for centrifugal pumps.
  • C- type ladders in tanks to ensure easy access.
  • Continuous visit by our engineers during civil work ensure” correct integration”


The Sewage Treatment System being proposed by us is SMBR Based technology. Suspended Media Bio Reactor (SMBR) is emerging as a clear choice for STP’s all across the sector for various reasons like:

  • Less Area Requirement
  • No Sludge Recycle, monitoring of F/M ratio etc. hence easy to operate
  • Minimal moving parts thus lesser maintenance requirement
  • Flexibility to correct the performance by just adding the media in a reactor or increasing the Air quantity
  • No more costly replacements

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