Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Sewage Treatment Plant : - offered by us treats the domestic sewage up to the quality required for Gardening, flushing etc, and meets the test parameters specified by CPCB, Municipal Corporation and Department of Environment Control.
  • The process of treatment we offer is SMBR i.e. Suspended Media Bio-Reactor which is very similar or same as popularly known MBBR. The process is described as under.

SMBR Process

  • Initially, the effluent is passed through the Bar screen, oil & grease trap chambers and an equalization tank (The Primary Treatment)
  • Then it is pumped to Annoxic tank eration Tank at uniform flowrate.
  • Set of Air Blowers feed the adequate air to equalization and aeration tanks for mixing the raw sewage and aeration process through sets of air grid in both tanks.
  • As the name suggests this process has suspended PP media in aeration tank.
  • The significance of the media is to stimulate the growth of bacteria, during the treatment and also to ensure that the required MLSS is maintained in aeration tank.
  • Following the solid – liquid separation, during aviation process the liquid then overflows to settling tank, which is installed with tube pack media to ensure taster settling of sludge.
  • In this chamber, the suspended solids accumulate at the bottom of the tank which is then eliminated into the sludge holding tank with the help of sludge transfer pump.
  • Then clarified water overflows from settling tank to clear water (Filter Feed) tank.
  • The clarified water is pumped to PSF & ACF for removal of suspended solids, colour and odour.
  • PSF pressure sand filter having a specific combination of media like gravel, Pebbles, and filtration sand ensures filtration of suspended solids.
  • Then it is followed by Activated Carbon Filter (ACF) which acts as the second filter of liquid so as to remove colour and odour of liquid.
  • On line disinfection dosing sodium chlorite is done at the outlet of the carbon filter.(ACF)
  • Solids accumulated in sludge holding tanks is pumped to sludge dewatering system to it in Sun/Air concentrate the treated sludge to be used in garden as manure after qrying
  • As better disinfection system that chlorination being demanded by authority, we are offering organization system and UV disinfection system also, as per requirement to achieve desired quality of treated water.

STP (SMBR) – Noise less System

  • Experiencing the big problem of too much noise with the SMBR process with Air Blowers, we have successfully introduced the new noise less system of same SMBR process by replacing noisy Air Blowers with Submersible Jet Aerators.
  • On this new noise less system, commissioned STP is running successfully with desired results.
  • Another advantage of this system is that Jet Aerators being Submersible, space required for Air Blowers in plant room is saved and less foot print of plant room area is required for installation of STP resulting in some saving in construction cost of plant room.

Toshio Technology Pvt. Ltd.

  • At Toshio, we strive to be the industry leader in waste water pumps and equipment segment. Company offers complete pumping solution for Sewage, Effluent and De-watering applications.
  • Products are designed to operate in tough conditions to pump water with solid particles. With decade of experience, Toshio specializes in non-clog submersible pump manufacturing. Our honesty and integrity have further contributed to a long term relationship with all our customers.
  • Toshio is selling approx. 5000 pump sets for waste water applications across India. Branch offices with service support located at Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad & H.O. in Thane near Mumbai with central warehousing facility at Bhiwandi.

Toshio Products

JDS Series Sewage Submersible Pump

JSB Series Submersible Effluent
Pump – SS 316

JDSK Series Submersible Cutter Pump

JSG Series Submersible Grinder Pump

THO Series Openwell Submersible Pump

JSV Series Portable Sewage Transfer Pump

TSM Series Self Priming Non-Clog Pump

Submersible Aerators

JA Series Jet Aerator

AR Series Aerator

Salient Features of Submersible Aerators:

  • Light weight. Easy for installation. No additional commissioning cost involved.
  • Models available from 0.5 HP in single and three phase power supply.
  • Portable in design. Easy and low maintenance cost.
  • Minimum Noise Level (less than 40dB).
  • Saves space, no space required for installation. Beneficial for underground tanks.
  • Suitable for odd shaped tanks.

Advantages of Submersible Aerators:

  • Instant oxygen boosting in aeration process. Improves and maintains DO level.
  • Continuous mixing and agitation of sewage / effluent due to which no sludge deposition.
  • Easy removal of BOD in STP process.
  • No loss in air and oxygen transfer rate due to heating, as aerators are of submersible design.
  • Can be installed in treatment plants without disturbing process and emptying tanks.
  • ZERO NOISE product, hence beneficial in basement STP of apartments, hotels and hospitals.
  • Avoids and gives relief from septic conditions in existing treatment plants.
  • Boosting of instant oxygen and aeration in dead zones or dead pocket area is easily possible.

Features of the Sewage Treatment Plant

  • All the treatment steps are incorporated in underground RCC tank. (Except Filtration)
  • No Separate Septic Tank Required
  • No Open Sludge Handling & nuisance on that account
  • Optional Sludge Dewatering System can be Incorporated before storing the Sludg
  • Single Panel with all switches for on-off operation at easy to access location
  • Optional Mechanical Oil Skimmer can be incorporated to ensure removal of separated oil
  • All Pumps & Blowers are provided with “standby” to ensure easy switching if required
  • Dry run protection for centrifugal pumps
  • C-type ladders in tanks to ensure easy access
  • Continuous visits by our engineers during civil work to ensure “ Correct Integration”

Operation & Maintenance and Service Support

  • DWTPL Service Team provides Prompt Service Support to the Customers. Our Engineers/Technicians visit the site within a couple of hours of the assistance call
  • We recommend our O & M Service which is unmatched in the industry. We offer complete O & M Service at very competitive prices
  • DWTPL offer Integrated Facility Management O & M Services for STP, WTP, Softener, RO Plants, Pumping Systems, Fire Hydrant Systems & Swimming Pool Filtration System. A truly One-Stop-Shop approach to avoid deployment of multiple agencies


The Sewage Treatment System being proposed by us is SMBR Based technology. Suspended Media Bio Reactor (SMBR) is emerging as a clear choice for STP’s all across the sector for various reasons like:

  • Less Area Requirement
  • No Sludge Recycle, monitoring of F/M ratio etc. hence easy to operate
  • Minimal moving parts thus lesser maintenance requirement
  • Flexibility to correct the performance by just adding the media in a reactor or increasing the Air quantity
  • No more costly replacements

We are Water Treatment Plant provider company in Pune specialists in WTP, STP, ETP and other water treatment related products. We are known for our services, competitive prices.

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